Al-Mukalla / the Foundation Media, Tuesday . 15 Sep. 2020

    Sana’a Al Maarouf Humanitarian Foundation – Hadramout – has donated (400) school bags with their supplies of notebooks, pens and to  the students of basic education in poor areas at  Hadramout, coinciding with the start of the new school year that will start early on October.
   As this bag brought joy to the hearts of students and their families , who suffer hardship due to the economic conditions that affect  Yemen in general, and in the situation  of the collapse of the national currency in comparing  with the  global currencies in particular, which brought poor families into a state of extreme poverty, unable to provide for their  basic needs of  Every day, not to mention providing the school needs of their  children.

   The distribution of this school bag to families living in poor areas in the cities and villages of Hadhramaut, sensing the suffering that families in these areas, praising the supporting people for providing this bag, and at the same time inviting the rich people  in Hadramout And companies and foundations , to contribute to the foundation’s school bag and uniform program, in order to reach the largest number from basic education students whose families are unable to provide their school supplies at the beginning of each academic year.