Sanaaya  Al Maaroof Humanitarian Foundation

A Humanitarian , Charitable & Developmental foundation which was established in January 9th , 2014 and was officially announced via the issuance of the license No. ( 2014\70 ) issued by the ministry office of social affairs & labor \ Hadhramout Governorate – Yemen .

Seeking for leadership in the field of humanitarian & Developmental activities & work .

Playing a vital role in terms of development sector and serving the community throughout pioneer projects & programs .

  • Upgrading the voluntary activities in different humanitarian aspects .
  • Spreading the culture of social integration inside the communities .
  • Effective contribution to spread Health & Environment awareness .
  • Achieving the principle of self-reliance for the needy categories of the community individuals .
  • Extending the bridges for collaboration & partnerships with other official entities , NGOs inside and outside that such vital relations will benefit the community .

The foundation is acting through multiple values & principles detailed as follows :

  • Credibility & Honesty .
  • Effective Participation & Cooperation .
  • Transparency & Integrity .
  • Initiative & voluntary work .
  • Continuous development & promotion for our staff and partners .

chairman word

Allah Al-mighty said  : ” Keep working and The God will watch your act together with his messenger and the believers and afterwards you will return in the judgment day in which the God will inform you what you were acting in life   “

All thanks For the God Al-mighty..  

Sanaaya Al-Maroof Humanitarian Foundation is a non-profitable and charitable foundation, holding an official license from the ministry of social affairs & labor No. ( 2014\70) dated January 9th , 2014 , its place of work is in Yemen , its main head office in Mukalla district , the capital city of Hadhramout Governorate , this foundation could achieved a lot as all credit goes Allah Al-mighty and the efforts of many other which enabled the foundation to achieve a remarkable success in the field of charity and development via the implementation of many humanitarian and vital projects to alleviate the suffering and reduce the pervert rates in terms of public services and education , moreover sponsoring the orphans , widows and sponsorship of families .

The foundation adopts many qualitative and developmental projects such as development of families as well as rehabilitating and training them, the foundation seeks to enhance and support the social activities via certain goals that support the sustainable social and economic programs, for instance the project (Bab Raziq) it is one of the most important humanitarian projects.

We truly wish that our foundation to be supported financially and intellectually in order to enable it to achieve its wanted humanitarian goals for improving the living status for all the community individuals by empowering it economically and socially , furthermore rehabilitating it professionally and provide it with the required knowledge .

Eventually, we are so thankful for the governor of Hadhramout Governorate and the general director of social affairs and labor as well as all the supporters for the foundation and our partners who work with us side by side to achieve success for the foundation vision in response to serving the community in different basic and humanitarian services.

Best regards..                      

Chairman of the Foundation
  Ahmed Saeed Ahmed Ghanem

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