Sanaaya Almaaroof Humanitarian Foundation in cooperation Rizq foundation have distributed 300 Ramadan food baskets to needy families in the Burum district at ​​Hadramaut Governorate, as part of their efforts to reduce the burden on the most needy groups during the holy month of Ramadan to provide food baskets, which included a collection of basic and necessary food items to enable needy families to spend the month of Ramadan in dignity.

The Foundation field teams distributed food baskets in a fair and orderly manner in the Burum area, where the beneficiary families received this aid with great joy and gratitude, expressing their deep thanks to Sanaaya Almaaroof and the Dutch Organization “Rizq” for their great support.

Through the project, the Foundations affirm their commitment to supporting needy families and providing them with a helping hand, indicating the importance of joining efforts and cooperation in facing the challenges facing the most needy groups.

The project comes as part of a series of humanitarian initiatives carried out by Sanaaya Almaaroof during the holy month of Ramadan, with the aim of alleviating the suffering of needy families and meeting their basic needs