In preparation for the holy month of Ramadan, Sanaaya Almaaroof Humanitarian Foundation distributed 283 food baskets in the districts of Ash Shihr and Brum Mayfa’a, benefiting 1961 individuals. This step comes as part of the foundation’s efforts to alleviate the burden of difficult circumstances and provide support to families with urgent needs during this blessed month.

In a statement by the Head of Programs and Projects, Mr. Mohammed Saleh Bathar, he highlighted the importance of providing assistance at this critical time, as Ramadan is an opportunity for community solidarity and support for the most vulnerable groups. He explained that the food baskets contain a variety of essential food items, which contribute to meeting the needs of families and ensuring the provision of healthy meals during the month of fasting.

This initiative reflects the commitment of Sanaaya Almaaroof to its active role in serving the community and responding to the economic challenges faced by many individuals and families in Hadhramaut.

Bathar concluded his statement by emphasizing the foundation’s readiness to provide more assistance and social programs during this blessed month, pointing out the importance of the local community’s cooperation in achieving their humanitarian mission.