In a talk with the beneficiary Umm Mohammed, she confirmed that the monthly sponsorship has become a fundamental pillar in her family’s life, as it contributes significantly to meet their basic needs, especially in light of the difficult circumstances they are living in. Fatima talks about a difficult reality characterized by the large size of the family and the absence of a breadwinner, and how the monthly sponsorship has made a positive change in their lives.

Umm Mohammed praised the efforts of the benefactors who are behind this project, expressing her gratitude for the continuous support they provide. She added that thanks to Allah and to these benefactors, her life and the life of her family have become much better.

The monthly sponsorship project comes within the framework of Sanaaya Almaaroof’s efforts in the protection and shelter sector, where it targets the support of 27 families this month, in addition to sponsoring 4 students in Hadramout governorate and other governorates.

The project is part of the main initiatives carried out by the foundation with the aim of providing support to poor and most needy families in the community.