Work begins on digging two wells at Abyan governorate

 In Abyan governorate, work began on digging two manual wells in Al-Wadi area, which is one of the villages of the city of Jaar in the Khanfar district, and the Sheikh Abdullah district at Abyan governorate, which is funded by  Sanaaya  Al-Maaroof Humanitarian Foundation in Hadramout, and the implementation of Sawa’id Al-Khair Humanitarian Foundation, based in the governorate of Aden. At the inauguration ceremony of digging the two wells, the Secretary-General of Abyan Governorate, Mr. Mahdi Al-Hamid, expressed his great happiness with these two projects, which aim and seek to make nearly a thousand families (1,000) from the host community and the displaced in the governorate, by providing them with clean drinking water, concluding His thanks and appreciation to Sanaaya Al-Maaroof and Sawaed Al-Khair Foundation, which implement a number of projects in the humanitarian and relief aspects in the governorate.

         For his part, the Executive Director of Sawa’ed Al-Khair Humanitarian Foundation, Mr. Nader Abdel-Qawi, extended his thanks and appreciation to the local authority in Abyan governorate, represented by its governor, Major General Abu Bakr Hussein Salem, as well as its Secretary-General, who provided all the necessary facilities for the successful implementation of these two projects in the first phase, indicating that there is an effort to Drilling( 3 ) hand wells in the second stage.

       As the Director-General of Social Affairs and Labor in Abyan, Dr. Fidel Manzouk, spoke, he said: The efforts made by both Sawa’id Al-Khair Foundation and Sanaya Al-Maaroof Humanitarian Foundation can only be denied by the ungrateful, as they strive to deliver the public benefit in many of their training, development and humanitarian programs, and he added: Today, he added: They made a clear and formidable imprint in the water and environmental sanitation sector, by inaugurating two manual wells in both the Wadi and Sheikh Abdullah area, which will benefit the people of the two regions whose residents suffer from a lack of water, forcing them to fetch it from far away. For his part, the Director-General of the Executive Unit in the governorate, Mr. Anis Al-Yousifi, expressed his great happiness with the charitable work carried out by both Sawa’ed Al-Khair and Sanaaya Al-Maarouf Foundations, as they are among the first institutions that took the initiative to target this segment of the host and displaced community in Abyan governorate and provided them with psychological, moral and material support. Calling all charities and development institutions to follow the example of these two institutions, which work with full transparency and clarity. In turn, the Director-General of Khanfar Directorate, Lawyer Mazen Al-Layl, expressed his thanks and appreciation to Sawa’id Al-Khair and Sanayah  Al-Maaroof Humanitarian Foundation for the efforts made and the rapid interventions and the various relief campaigns they implement with close coordination with the competent authorities.

   He conveyed the thanks and appreciation of the project’s beneficiaries for the efforts made by the two institutions, wishing them further progress and success, These two wells, in which work has begun, are the result of the agreement signed between Sanayah  Al-Maaroof Humanitarian Foundation and Sawa’id Al-Khairi to dig a group of fathers manually in the governorates of Aden, Lahj and Abyan. To whom.