Within the Partners Program, and funding from Sila Foundation for Development, SANAE’ ALM’ROUF HUMNITARIEN  FOUNDATION implements the daily charity project

Mukalla – Abu Bakr Omar

SANAE’ ALM’ROUF HUMNITARIEN  FOUNDATION , carried out this morning , distributing  daily charities project  to the poor  families, widows and divorcees.

This project comes within the framework of charitable projects in partnership with sila Foundation for Development, alleviating the suffering of the poor, the needy, widows and divorcees due to the living situation  in the country(Yemen)  as a result of the war..

And In a speech for  SANAE’ ALM’ROUF HUMNITARIEN  FOUNDATION  Mr. Ahmed Said Ghanem said(“This project aims to alleviate the burden of poor families in the difficult circumstances of our country, adding that this project comes within the program of partners funded by  SELA Foundation for development, expressing his thanks and gratitude to the benefactors”).

For its part, the beneficiaries of the project expressed their great thanks and gratitude to the two organizations( sanae al marouf and sila), praising ALLAH to bless the funds of the benefactors and reward them with the best reward.

Notably, The number of beneficiaries of the project( 50 ) families from the neighborhoods of Mukalla city.