Mukalla / Sanaye Al-Maarouf Foundation media

Thursday/ 15.7. 2021


As part of the Empowerment Program, Sanaye Al Marouf Humanitarian Foundation in Hadramout provided a clothes sewing machine to a vulnerable family in Mukalla city , on Wednesday morning,14. July . 2021.

  This machine presented to this family comes within the framework of establishing small projects, working to support poor families and provide them with a source of income, instead of begging from others, as this machine will make a shift in the life of this family by operating it and creating a job opportunity for it to help it to get  its daily needs.

 This small project comes within the framework of the projects (Bab Rizq Al-Maarouf) provided by the Foundation to poor and destitute families, which aims to combat poverty and employ labor capable of working, and has the desire to benefit from their capabilities. For this reason, Sanaa Al-Maarouf Foundation contributes to empowering these families.