Sanaaya Al Maaroof Humanitarian Foundation begins disbursing the guarantees for December

Mukalla / Sanaaya Al Maaroof Foundation media
Sunday/12.December. 2021
Sanaaya Al Maaroof Humanitarian Foundation in Hadhramaut Governorate started disbursing bails for December. Monday morning 13 .December . 2021, from which this month only (47) needy families and students benefited , whose families cannot afford their tuition fees. With this disbursement, the monthly guarantees project for 2021, which benefited (154) family , will be closed.
They obtained sums of money estimated at (8,692,000) Yemeni riyals, throughout the year 2021, through which the Foundation worked to provide aid and assistance to families The most needy in society, by disbursing sums of money at the end of each month, to help them bear The burdens of daily life, under difficult and bitter economic conditions, due to the war that has been going on since the year 2015 in Yemen. The (Monthly Guarantees Project) is one of the important projects in the Foundation, which the Foundation is keen on It implements it every year, through which it works to help and support local communities in Yemen, especially Families living in poor neighborhoods and areas, through direct cash payments to these families, It is within the (sheltering) program, which is one of the foundation’s basic programs.