Seiyun/ media  Sanaaya Al-Maaroof Humanitarian Foundation

 The President of Sanaaya Al-Maaroof Humanitarian Foundation, Mr. Ahmed Saeed Ghanem, visited Tarbeh Development and Charitable Foundation, during which he met the head of the Foundation, Mr. Abdullah Awad Balkham.

      In the meeting, which took place in the presence of Mr. Hassan Abdel-Sheikh, Executive Director of Tarba Foundation, Al-Kham welcomed the delegation Sanaaya Al-Maaroof Humanitarian Foundation, which is visiting Hadramout Valley, reviewing the most prominent projects implemented in the first half of this year, including the establishment of an educational course for pilgrims this year, and a project Distributing small three-wheeled carts for transporting small goods  to families with severe needs, and other projects that the Foundation is keen to implement in cooperation with other institutions.

   For his part, Ghanem reviewed the Foundation’s projects since the beginning of this year, most of which were concentrated in several sectors of food security, health, protection and agriculture, appreciating the role played by Tarbeh Foundation in various regions of  wadi Hadramout, and the good impact of these projects, which all enter On the charitable side. The meeting was attended by the Sanaaya Al-Maaroof Humanitarian Foundation, the director of programs and projects, Brother Muhammad Saleh Bathar, and the projects specialist, Brother Salem Omar Bahahussain.