Mukalla / Sanaaya Al-Maroof Foundation media
Thursday23.December. 2021

On Thursday morning,23 December 2021, Al Mukalla Radio hosted, through its direct program, Our Community is More Beautiful, the Director of Programs and Projects at Sanaaya Al Maaroof Humanitarian Foundation, Mr. Muhammad Saleh Bathar, to talk about the training course implemented by the Foundation, in cooperation with the Department of Family Protection in the Hadhramout Coast Security. In the program, in which the Deputy Director of the Department of Moral Guidance and Public Relations at Hadhramaut Coast Security, Hassan Hadi Omara, and Hikma Saeed Al-Shuaibi, Director of the Family Protection Department at the Hadhramout Coast Security, talked about the course implemented by the Family Protection Department at the General Department of Security and Police in the Hadhramaut Coast. which funded by Sanaaya Al-Maroof Humanitarian Foundation, last Monday and Tuesday, on (security behavior and work ethics), which targeted (35) policewomen from the departments of the Prisons Authority, Criminal Investigation, Mukalla Security Directorate, Moral Police, Narcotics Control Agency, and Airport Security.
Where the Director of Programs and Projects at Sanaaya Al-Maroof Humanitarian Foundation spoke about the institution’s role in implementing such courses that fall within the protection sector of the institution, which includes a number of projects, including community awareness, advocacy empowerment, and a project to rehabilitate and train inmates of the Central Prison in the coast of Hadramout, in Sewing and embroidering women’s clothing.
The Director of Programs also reviewed the activities to be implemented in the next year 2022, including projects that will be implemented in the fields of education, health, relief and humanitarian work, and the animal and agricultural sectors, Noting that the Foundation implemented, during the past year 2021, (170) humanitarian, relief and charitable projects in various governorates of the Republic, in several sectors.
At the end of the programs, the Director of Programs thanked the General Directorate of Hadhramaut Coast Security and Police for cooperating in implementing this course on behavior related to security behavior and work ethics, for female members of the security sector.