Mukalla|14. March . 2020.

      The Director General of the Office of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor in the coast of Hadramout, Mr. Ahmed Salem Badros, was briefed by the chairman of the Sanaaya  Al Maaroof Humanitarian Foundation, Mr. Ahmed Saeed Ghanem, about the progress of the work and activity of the Foundation and its humanitarian interventions in Hadramout Governorate. Mr.Badros listened to the  President of the Foundation to a brief explanation about the projects implemented by the Foundation during the last period in various humanitarian fields in the city of Mukalla, including the inauguration of the Al-Maaroof Humanitarian Bakeries project, the implementation of the cash guarantees project for the most needy families, the disbursement of cash assistance to vulnerable families and science students, in addition to a project Distributing meat to needy families, as well as an explanation of the institution’s future work plan and projects that it seeks to implement in Hadhramaut in particular, and Yemen in general.

        Badros praised the Foundation’s leading role in humanitarian and development work, and its efforts to advance volunteer work in its various humanitarian aspects, contribute to spreading health and environmental awareness, and achieve self-reliance for needy members of society in Hadramout Governorate.

       He stressed the support of the Foundation in achieving its desired goals through projects, programs and pioneering means, and providing a helping hand to it and all humanitarian institutions that seek to serve citizens and society, empower them economically and relieve them of the burden of living life in light of the conditions in the country.

         The meeting was attended by the Director of the Associations Department in the Office of Affairs, Mr. Wadah Baqtian, and the Director of Public Relations and Media at Sanaaya  Al-Maaroof Foundation, Ehab Saleh Fadl