Mukalla/ Special

The training program to raise the capabilities of preachers and imams in villages and rural areas was concluded in the city of Mukalla, which was held during the period from28.May to 19.June . 2022 under the supervision of the Office of the Ministry of Awqaf in the coast of Hadramout, implemented by Ibn Abbas Scientific Foundation, and funded by Sanayaa Al-Maaroof Humanitarian Foundation.
The training program, in which more than (40) imams and preachers participated in the governorates of Hadhramaut, Shabwa and Al-Mahra, included a number of training courses and awareness lectures in a number of axes, most notably the axis (scientific, Quranic, skill, educational, and faith-based).
At the conclusion of the training program, a celebration was held on the morning of Saturday, 18. 2022, in which a group of speeches were delivered, delivered by Sheikh Abu Al-Harith Omar bin Salem Bawazeer, President of the Foundation, General Supervisor of the Ibn Abbas Scientific Institute, and Director of the Guidance Department in the Office of the Ministry of Awqaf in the coast of Hadramout, Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Zumar The Director of Public Relations and Media at Sanayaa Al-Maaroof Humanitarian Foundation, Mr. Ihab Saleh Fadl, and the preacher Fayed Sbeit Al-Awdhali on behalf of the preachers participating in the program, and the Executive Director of the Ibn Abbas Scientific Foundation, Mr. Marei bin Talib Al-Mashjari, all urged the participants in this program to benefit from its outputs for what is in it. Benefit and raise awareness of the community, as the words clarified the need to transfer the acquired knowledge and skills to the regions and countryside, and that the preacher be an active and nucleus of good in his village, and the importance of the role of the preacher in his community, and that he be a role model for others in all his dealings.
The words also reviewed the usefulness and benefit of the program, especially rural advocates, the quality of the program’s inputs, the selection of sheikhs and trainers for the program, the mechanism for implementing the program, the program’s four axes and courses in each axis, and the villages that Participants were nominated from among the targeted governorates, and the distinguished result of the participants, as well as thanks were extended to the supervising, financing and executing authorities of the program, which began with any of the Holy Quran followed by the participating preacher Aseel Royce, and ended with honoring the first participants,
The closing ceremony of the training program to raise the capabilities of preachers and imams was attended by Mr. Muhammad Salih Bathar, Director of Programs and Projects at Sanayaa Al-Maaroof Humanitarian Foundation, and Mr. Salih al-Nahdi, Director of Ibn Abbas Scientific Institute.