Mukalla/ Media of Sanaaya Al Maaroof Humanitarian Foundation

     On the afternoon of Sunday,1. August  2021, the second meeting of the Special Committee to follow up the establishment of the Specialized Charitable Hospital, which is supervised by Sanaaya Al Maaroof Humanitarian Foundation, was held via (Zoom) application .
The meeting, in which the chairman of the Yemeni Heart Foundation, Dr. Hussein Al-Amoudi, participated from Canada, and from Yemen, the President of the Sanaaya Al-Maaroof Humanitarian Foundation, Mr. Ahmed Saeed Ghanem , the Director of International Relations of the Foundation, Eng. Abdul Hamid Shams Al-Din Khan, and members of the committee in the Sultanate of Oman and Indonesia, a discussion The steps and procedures that were implemented to establish the charitable hospital, which will accommodate (400) beds.

   The Specialized Charitable Hospital, for which the Minister of Interior laid the cornerstone, General Ibrahim Ali Ahmed Haidan, along with the Governor of Hadhramaut, Major General Faraj Salmeen Al-Bahsani, at the beginning of last June, will include a group of specialized centers in the heart, brain, nerves, orthopedics, plastic surgery, and prosthetics; Where it will be the first of these centers, the heart and blood vessels.

   The meeting concluded with the need to strive and persevere to establish this project as soon as possible, especially since the country is suffering from several crises, due to the war raging since 2015, which has exacerbated the suffering of the Yemeni population, as this charitable hospital will contribute to alleviating the suffering of the local population in Hadramout, in particular, And Yemen in general.