Saneye Al-Maarouf Media . Tuesday / 16. March. 2021

         Sanaye Al Marouf Humanitarian Foundation,chairman, Mr. Ahmed Saeed Ghanem, received in his office on Tuesday morning 16 March 2021 the Chairperson of the Council ofTrustees board  of Al-Amal Women’s Social Foundation, Dr. Abha Abdullah Ba Awaidan, and the President of the Rescue Foundation for Development in Hadramout, Ms. SulafAbboud Al-Hanashi. In the meeting, which was attended by the Director of Programs and Projects at the Ma’rouf Foundation, Muhammad SalehBathar, they discussed the way of the partnership between the parties in establishing joint projects, especially in the field of training productive families, in several areas, including sewing Clothes, and the manufacture of pastries of various kinds, and these consider to be one of these small projects that contribute to creating job opportunities for families,which the foundation gives special importance  , in order to contributes to Combating poverty among society, and limiting its spread.

                     Also they discussed the   projects that will be implemented during the month of Ramadan this year,Which comes in difficult circumstances that exhausted families in general, and women in particular, who bear an additional burden towards their families in this Month, in bulk, and the rest of the year.

          Dr. Abha and Ms. Sulaf were accompanied by MsArwa Al-Muhammadi, the supervisor of the volunteers at Al-Amal foundation ONDATION  the ation gives specail