Mukalla / Sanaaya Al Maroof Foundation media

Wednesday 3.11.2021

       On the morning of Tuesday, 2.11 2021, a cooperation and partnership agreement was signed between Sanaaya Al Maroof Humanitarian Foundation and the Refqat Al Habib Foundation for Orphan Sponsorship, in the presence of the President of  Sanaaya Al Maroof Humanitarian Foundation, Mr. Ahmed Saeed Ghanem.

       The agreement, which was signed on behalf of the Refqa Al Habib Foundation, the Executive Director of the Foundation, Dr. Aziza Ahmed Belbeth, and on behalf of the Sanaaya Al Maroof Humanitarian Foundation, head of the Public Relations and Media Department, Mr. Ihab Saleh Fadl, aims at joint work between the two sides in implementing charitable and humanitarian projects targeting orphans in familie which has become suffering both due to the difficult living conditions that Yemen is going through, due to the war that has been raging since 2015, which has plunged the country into economic crises, and pushed many families below the poverty line, especially with the accelerating collapse of the local currency.

      The signing of this agreement comes within the framework of strengthening joint working links with third sector institutions, to implement humanitarian and charitable works in local communities in Yemen, which is considered one of the poorest countries in the world.