Mukalla / Media Sanaye Al-Maarouf Media  1 .12. 2020


A feasibility study agreement signed to establish a sewing workshop on Hadramout coast, between Sanaye Al-Maarouf  Humanitarian Foundation and the Al-mandhumah Company for Consulting and Business Development In Mukalla city, on Tuesday morning 1.12. 2020, and the site of the workshop will be in Hadramout Governorate. The agreement signed by the foundation chairman, Mr. Ahmed Saeed Ghanem, and for al.mandhumah company, the executive director of the company, Engineer Sami Saleh Al-Nahdi,  it aims to provide job opportunities for young people of both gender, which will support their families and provide sources of income for these families that have enormous potential in Work and production, which  need someone who works to show them in the service of society by providing their needs in the world of tailoring children’s and women’s clothes, with high quality that is no less than the imported goods.

 Sanaye Al- Maarouf Humanitarian Foundation seeks to establish a sewing workshop in Hadramout, to lift destitute families and those with limited income from a state of begging to a state of production and earn a livelihood with honor and dignity, and to teach poor families a skills in the hands of their youth and everyone who is able to work in that families , to lift them from the situation imposed by them The conditions of the country, which has been suffering from a raging war for more than six years.