Taiz/ Sanaye Al Marouf Humanitarian Foundation media


       In the context of caring for the water sector, and providing it to the population in the villages that are in lake for it  in Yemen, Sanaye Al Marouf Humanitarian Foundation has distributed (356500) liters of potable water in villages that suffer from a shortage of potable water in Taiz Governorate, with funding from Dutch Relief Organization.

     More than (1232) families benefit from this water, a family residing in the villages of( Al-Kharaba, Sheikh Obaid, Mahfad, Habeel Agbar, Al-Mashwas, Sha’ab Al-Nimr, Al-Silwiyah, Okmah Al-Asla’i, Al-Qahfa, and Al-Matlah)

       Which  forcing its residents to fetch their water needs from far away areas, which constitutes a great burden on them, especially children and women, and it is the largest segment suffering from this water crisis.

       This humanitarian project is implemented by Sanaye Al Marouf Humanitarian Foundation, within the water sector, which is considered one of the important humanitarian sectors in the work of the Foundation, which includes a number of projects, including drilling wells, rehabilitating water networks for some villages and poor and remote areas, and supplying areas that suffer from drought with quantities Ambulatory water for human