Al-Mukalla / Sanaye Al-Maarouf Media

On Thursday . 8th October .2020, it was a happy and joyful day for students of lower levels in basic education, as well as kindergarten students ,at  Hajar directorate, Hadramout, in Yemen, where the Dutch Relief Organization, based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, gave (300) A school bag with its accessories of notebooks and pens, in addition to school uniforms.
Sanaye Al Ma’rouf Humanitarian Foundation, which based in  Mukalla city ,  distributes  the bags and the uniform  in the presence of the Director of Education in the Directorate, MR. Mahdi Badian, At Al-Razi Complex, Girls School, and Al-Madinah Kindergarten That it is launched in difficult economic and health conditions due to the conditions of the country that have been suffering from a continuous war for more than six years, and the invasion of Corona virus , appreciating the role of the General director of the Ministry of Education Office in Hadramout Coast, and the Undersecretary of the Ministry, MR. Jamal Salem Abdoun in facilitating strart of the new school year in the directorate.

This educational gift brought the students and their families joy and pleasure, especially since the district is one of the poorest districts of Hadhramaut, whose population is very poor, despite the expansion of the agricultural area in it, which is the main source of income for the local population, and then comes the profession of sheep herding, Next is beekeeping.

The directorate includes a group of basic education schools, totaling 19 schools, in addition to two educational complexes for boys, the same for girls, and one kindergarten.