Sanaye Al Maarouf Humanitarian Foundation  17 March 2021

 Sanaye Al Maarouf Humanitarian Foundation in Hadramout gifted a four-wheeled motorcycle to a disabled person in Mukalla city , Wednesday17.3, 2021

      where The giving of this bike comes within the framework of the concern for the disabled segment, which is considered one of the vulnerable segments of society, and is one of the segments Which has been affected by the tragic conditions that the country is going through as a result of the raging war since 2015 until today, which left many needy in areas that are far from the conflict places , and many of the displaced in the areas suffering from the ravages of this war.

    That is why Sanaye Al-Marouf Humanitarian Foundation works to provide humanitarian services in various regions of Yemen, and is targeting these services Poor families and displaced persons, in partnership with local, regional, and international organizations