Sanaya Almaaroof Humanitarian Foundation has begun working to achieve its vision for a better future and a healthier, more sustainable environment, by launching a henna tree planting project in Haridha, Wadi Hadhramaut. The project is funded by IHHNL and aims to transform an area of 2 acres into green spaces.

The foundation aims to use agricultural land for projects that reflect global trends in addressing environmental issues and improving air and soil quality. The choice of planting henna trees was made carefully, as this plant is well-suited to the climate in Hadhramaut and has many benefits for the environment and the local economy.

The henna tree planting project represents a practical manifestation of our commitment to improving the environment and achieving sustainability in our projects, and the dedication of our partners that will enable us to achieve our goals and transform the region into a model of agricultural development. This is in line with the foundation’s continued efforts to serve the community and make effective contributions towards achieving the sustainable development goals.