Sanaya Almaaroof Humanitarian Foundation announced the success of the meat distribution project in Mukalla, as part of its ongoing efforts to support needy families and provide food assistance in areas affected by the general situation in the country.

The project targeted the distribution of meat to 180 of the poorest families in various neighborhoods of Mukalla district. This initiative comes under the food sector, which is one of the vital sectors that contributes to improving life and meeting the basic needs of affected communities.

The project aims to alleviate the burden on the shoulders of poor families and provide immediate support in the field of food, especially in light of the current economic challenges. This type of project reflects the foundation’s commitment to provide aid at times when food support is particularly important.

Sanaya Almaaroof Humanitarian Foundation remains committed to continuing its humanitarian efforts to provide aid and support to vulnerable groups in society, and strives to provide a better life for all.