SANAE’ ALM’ROUF HUMNITARIEN  FOUNDATION  convenes  a meeting with partner organizations  to form a crisis management committee to counter  Luban Cyclone  damage

Mukalla / AbuBakr Omer

A meeting was held at the headquarter of SANAEA ALMAROUF HUMNITARIEN  FOUNDATION  in the presence of a number of representatives of the partner organizations  to discuss the formation of a crisis management committee to contribute to reducing the damage caused by tropical luban cyclone and the role that these organizations will play in the cyclone.

At the meeting, the participants reviewed the meteorological reports of the occurrence of luban cyclone, which will include the coast of Hadhramout , and the role that civil society organizations must play in supporting the official effort to counter any undesirable effects of this cyclone..

At the meeting, the attendees agreed to form a crisis management as well as the tasks and Positive

 roles they could play.

The meeting was attended by Mr. Ahmed Saeed Ghanem, Chairman SANAE’ ALM’ROUF HUMNITARIEN  FOUNDATION  and CEO of the foundation  Mr. Abdullah Saleh Bawazeer Mr. Mohammad Saleh Bathar, Social Welfare and  Developmental  Projects manager at the foundation , Mr. Essam Abdullah Bawazeer Chairman of Al-Hakamah Al-Yamaniyah Charitable foundation  – Hadramout Branch, Mr. Hani Rashid Ba’awdan, manager of the Social Department of Al-Hikma Al-Yamania foundation , Mr. Mohammad Mustafa Al-Hamed, Chairman of Hadramout Health Foundation, and Mr. Salim Omar Basmayel, al- Fajr Social ,charitable  Foundation representative , and Mr. Fayez Salem Bashamkha, Omar Bawazeer two representatives of bina foundation for humanitarian development   , Mr. Nafef Baashen, Al-Hayat Medical Charitable hospital CEO.