Aden/ Media of Sanaaya AlMaroof Humanitarian Foundation


 Thursday /11. November . 2021


     Sanaaya AlMaroof Humanitarian Foundation in Hadramout provided the camps of displaced persons in Aden Governorate with potable water, in coordination with the Executive Unit for the Management of IDPs Camps in Aden, on Wednesday morning,11. November .2021 at a rate of (15) water tanks per day, and in cooperation with the Sawa’ed Al Khair Humanitarian Foundation in Aden.

     This water benefits the first and second camp, which includes a group of displaced families, who were forced by the war conditions to move  to Aden, to escape the hell of the ongoing conflict in the country, which is about to enter the seven years, causing an increase in the number of displaced people, especially in the areas of contact between the warring parties. .

   The water projects are one of the projects that the Foundation pays special attention to, because of their importance in the lives of people, especially the deprived areas in various areas  of Yemen, where the Foundation works to supply the camps of the displaced from time to time with potable water.