Aden / Sanaaya AlMaroof Foundation media

 Wednesday 10 .November. 2021

        Sanaaya AlMaroof Humanitarian Foundation in Hadhramaut provided clothes for (100) orphans and orphans in Aden Governorate, on Tuesday morning10. November . 2021.

The distribution of these clothes comes within the Foundation’s interest in the orphans in local communities in Yemen, who are on the verge of starvation due to the ongoing war in it since 2015, which led to the collapse of the local economy, which led to the spread of hunger among the weak segments of Yemeni society, including the orphans segment , which are increasing day by day, as long as the war is still raging.

       Sanaaya AlMaroof Humanitarian Foundation works on serving orphans through the orphan unit that was recently established in the Foundation, which includes sponsorship and care for them, according to what is provided by institutions and organizations interested in this segment, and the people of merit and charity from inside and outside the country.