Seiyun/ media of Sanaaya AlMaroof Humanitarian Foundation

Monday /29. November . 2021

Sanaaya AlMaroof Humanitarian Foundation donated clothes for people with disabilities to (102) disabled members from schools and centers for people with special needs in Seiyun, on the morning of Monday 29 November 2021.

This humanitarian project is implemented in cooperation with the Coordination Council of Associations for People with Disabilities in the Valley and Desert of Hadhramaut, whose clothing requirements were provided by the finest clothing centers and stores in Seiyun, in order to bring joy and pleasure to this weak segment of society, whose people struggle to provide their needs and requirements in light of the difficult economic conditions that the country is going through, due to a war that has been going on since 2015, in Yemen, which made it difficult for their families to take care of this segment, especially since this segment has special requirements that differ from the requirements of normal children.

This humanitarian project is presented by the Foundation within the education sector, which represents one of the main sectors at Sanaaya AlMaroof Humanitarian Foundation