Mukalla / Sanaaya  Al-Maaroof Foundation media

As part of its interest in the food security sector in Hadramout in particular, and Yemen in general, Sanaaya  Al Maaroof Humanitarian Foundation provided food aid in Mukalla and Hajar districts, numbering (650) food baskets, on Friday evening, Ramadan 21. 1443, corresponding to22. April . 2022.

The basket contained rice, flour, sugar, oil and powdered milk, which will provide food for families benefiting from this basket for a period of time, and who are unable to provide their daily food due to their lack of a stable source of income, as well as due to the difficult economic conditions that Yemen is going through, due to the high food prices In the local markets, for fantastic numbers, many families in Yemen have been unable to provide the basic food they need for themselves and their children.

This is why Sanaaya  Al-Maaroof Humanitarian Foundation provides emergency relief on the side of food security in various regions of Yemen throughout the year.