Mayfa’ / Media of Sanaaya AlMaaroof Humanitarian Foundation media

 Monday/28. March . 2022

  A few days before Ramadan, Sanaaya AlMaaroof Humanitarian Foundation provided (500) food baskets to the residents of Mayfa’ area – coast of Hadramout, , 28.march 2022, with funding from Relief Authority and European aid.

  The distribution of this basket, which contained rice, oil, flour, sugar and powdered milk, comes within the framework of contributing to alleviating the suffering of the residents of poor areas, especially with the approaching of the blessed month of Ramadan, which comes in difficult economic conditions experienced by the population of Yemen, who are groaning under the weight of poverty due to The war has been going on since 2015.

     This relief project is one of the projects of the food security sector, which represents one of the most important sectors in Sanaaya AlMaaroof Humanitarian Foundation, through which food aid is provided to the camps of the displaced, the communities hosting them, poor areas and villages in Hadhramaut, and all governorates of Yemen.