Aden/ Media of Sanaaya AlMaaroof Humanitarian Foundation

   Sanaaya AlMaaroof Humanitarian Foundation participated in the course of writing development project proposals, which was held in the city of Aden from 8-10 March, through its representative, the international relations specialist in the Foundation, Mr. Zaki Zubair Al-Diny.

            In the course organized by the Danish Refugee Commission (DRCDDR), the participants learned about the mechanism of ways to write project proposals that are submitted to international organizations, the logical framework for writing these projects, the objectives of writing projects, who are the targets for projects, how to collect data, analyze existing problems, write results, and how Writing the outputs, the mechanism of writing indicators, the follow-up and evaluation, and the methods of closing the project.

     The course, in which Mr. Mustafa Al-Mamou, Director of Grants at the Danish Commission in Aden, targeted  institutions that write projects to obtain funding from international organization