Al-Mukalla/ Media of Sanaaya  Al Maaroof Humanitarian Foundation

 Sanaaya  Al Maaroof Humanitarian Foundation, in the villages of (Al Khirba) and (Ghaidht Al-Behish), west of Mukalla, held a collective iftar( meals for fasting  for the residents of the two villages, which is the first iftar( meals for fasting that has been implemented since the year 2019.

 (900) people benefited  form this  collective iftar, which is one of the Ramadan traditions that disappeared due to the Corona pandemic that swept the world in the year 2020.

This Ramadan charitable project is one of the projects that the Foundation is keen to implement in these blessed days, and it is within the food security sector of the Foundation, and with it, the Foundation has brought joy and happiness to the souls of the residents of these two villages, which are considered among the poor villages on the coast of Hadramout.