Aden/ Sanaaya AlMaaroof Humanitarian Foundation media

  Children in Yemen miss many of the needs that all children of the world receive, including clothes, which have become a nightmare for parents, especially families that do not have a stable source of income, and sensing this matter from Sanaaya AlMaaroof Humanitarian Foundation, the Foundation’s team visiting Aden governorate provided clothes For orphans and people with special needs, their number reached (150) boys and girls.

This charitable project was implemented, in cooperation with Sawa’id Al-Khair Foundation in Aden Governorate, and with funding from the Relief Authority, where this project brought joy and happiness to the souls of this segment of children, and their families, who expressed their joy and gratitude, especially since it is implemented  Ramadan, in which it takes place Children on the new clothes that are worn on the days of Eid AlFitr.

 This project represents one of the Ramadan projects that the Foundation is keen to implement in Hadhramaut and the rest of the governorates of Yemen.