Aden / Sanaaya Al-Maroof Foundation media

 Thursday 11.November  2021

    As part of its implementation of a number of humanitarian, relief and charitable projects in the governorate of Aden, Sanaaya Al-Maroof Humanitarian Foundation in Hadramout provided (100) food baskets to Aden Children’s School for People with Special Needs, Khor Maksar, in the governorate of Aden, on Wednesday evening, 10 November, 2021

   The provision of this basket comes within the interest of Sanaaya Al-Maroof Humanitarian Foundation for the segment of people with special needs, especially from weak families who have suffer a lot  in life in light of the dire economic conditions that Yemen is going through, which have burdened millions of Yemenis, who suffer from a set of economic problems in the forefront of which is the acquisition of food Its prices have reached high levels, making these families unable to meet their daily needs.

     The relief projects represent the focus of the work of Sanaaya Al-Maroof Humanitarian Foundation, which works to provide food aid in various areas  of Yemen, in cooperation with local, Arab and international organizations.