Aden / Sanaaya Al Maroof Foundation media

 Thursday 11.November  2021

     In the presence of the Director General of al-Buriqa District in Aden Governorate, MR. Fahman Hassan Atiri, and in coordination and cooperation with the Executive Unit for the Management of IDPs Camps in Aden, Sanaaya Al Maroof Humanitarian Foundation in Hadramout provided (400) food baskets to the residents of two displaced camps in Al Shub City in Aden Governorate.

    The provision of this basket is part of the Foundation’s programs in providing emergency food aid to the residents of the displacement camps in various areas  of Yemen, whose residents are suffering from starvation, especially the weak segments who cannot provide their daily food needs, due to the war that has been raging in since the year 2015, and because of which they have become Millions of Yemenis are threatened with starvation, and the most affected are children and women.

   The intervention of Sanaaya Al Maroof Humanitarian Foundation in Aden Governorate is not the first, as the Foundation provides from time to time emergency food aid to the camps of the displaced in Aden Governorate, who are distributed in a number of displacement camps.