Al-Dis Al-Sharqiya/ Sanaaya  Al Maaroof Humanitarian Foundation media  

      As part of its Ramadan charitable and humanitarian projects, Sanaaya  Al Maaroof Humanitarian Foundation provided (600) food baskets in the villages of Al-Dis Al-Sharqiah District, on the coast of Hadramout, on Thursday evening, 27. Ramadan. 1443 corresponding to28. April .2022.

    This basket, which consisted of rice, oil, flour, sugar and powdered milk, will alleviate the suffering of the neediest families in the villages of Al-Dis Eastern District, whose residents suffer from hardship, especially in light of the tragic humanitarian conditions that Hadramout is going through due to the war that has erupted in Yemen since 2015.

      This basket, which comes within the food security sector of Sanaaya  Al-Maaroof Foundation, will provide families with supplies for two months, which will provide them with sums that will help them meet the requirements of the holiday, especially since these families do not have a fixed income, and if any, it is less than what is required to provide for their basic needs.