Mukalla / Sanaaya Al-Maaroof Foundation media
Wednesday/19. January .2022 .

Al-Maaroof bakery in the city of Mukalla began to open its doors, and people, old and young, flocked to it to take what they needed of bread at reasonable prices. Al-Maaroof bakery, which operates every day of the week, morning and evening, produces 180,000 bread (180,000) bread per month, benefiting from it (10,400) families per month, and the price of one piece of bread is (20) twenty Yemeni riyals, and this is considered the price of Subsidized compared to similar bakeries that sell a piece of bread for (50) fifty Yemeni riyals. This charitable project, which is implemented within the food security sector of the Sanaaya Al-Maaroof Humanitarian Foundation, will contribute to filling people’s need for bread, and will provide them with sums that were draining from the budget of these families, many of whom are in need, especially since the prices of foodstuffs, including flour, exceeded their incomes.
These families were unable to provide for their nutritional requirements, especially in the field of bread. The

Al-Maaroof bakery, which is located on the internal bus line, in the Al-Sharaj area in the city of Mukalla, is witnessing a great turnout by citizens, and it is the first bakery established by the Foundation, within the framework of a chain of charitable bakeries in various regions of Yemen.