Gail Bawazir / Sanaaya Al-Maaroof Foundation media

         Sanaaya Al Maaroof Humanitarian Foundation continues to hold collective iftars in the cities and villages of the Hadhramaut coast. In this context, the Foundation held a collective iftar on Thursday evening, 27 .Ramadan .1443, corresponding to 28. April . 2022, in Ghayl Bawazir district, attended by more than (800) fasting people.

These breakfasts have a great role in bringing joy and happiness to the fasting people, especially during the days of the holy month, the month of Ramadan, which comes this year in difficult economic conditions for all regions of Yemen, which led to the spread of famine among its residents, especially children and women.

    These iftars are held within the food security sector of Sanaaya Al Maaroof Humanitarian Foundation, in which ready-made meals and food baskets are provided.