Mukalla / Sanaye Al Maarouf Media

MR.Bohatem Banafa Foundation for Humanitarian and Development Works donated a quantity of medical sterilizers, via Sanaye Al-Maarouf Humanitarian Foundation in Hadhramout, which will be distributed to the health sector
In Hadhramout Governorate.
In this context, 25 cartons of medical sterilizers were provided to Mukalla Maternity Hospital
And childhood, and the Hadhramout Medical Foundation, which supervises on  (Saqifa) charitable clinic in the city of Mukalla, the first Sunday morning .11. 2020, and this batch is the first batch distributed to the Institutions and hospitals in the health sector in Hadhramout coast, will be followed by the distribution of other payments that will benefit
Including this vital sector.
These sterilizers that have been provided to the health sector are among the programs and projects it undertakes
The Foundation gives great attention, especially since this sector directly affects citizens, who suffer hardship Living in this country that has been exhausted from the ongoing war since last years until today, which Led to the collapse of the national currency, which exacerbated the livelihood of the people, who receive
Their daily hardship needs, not to mention the provision of their medical needs.