Sanea Al-Maarouf madia Sunday 4. April .2021


Sana’a Al Ma’rouf Humanitarian Foundation provided (200) food baskets for the residents of the villages (Qishn and Al Shutter) – Hajar District – Hadramout, Sunday morning, 4.April. 2021.

     The distribution of this basket, which  consist  of rice, flour, sugar, oil and milk, is part of meeting the needs of these remote areas In Hajar district, whose residents suffer hardship, in light of the difficult conditions that the country is going through due to the ongoing war  for Six years, which contributed to the collapse of the state’s economy, which led to many families exceeding the poverty line. This food basket will be distributed with the approaching month of Ramadan, which will be a gracious guest in the coming days, and this guest It has special requirements, this food packages  will fill the month needs , which will help the families benefiting from it in this holy month.