Sanaaya Al-Maaroof Foundation media

  Sanaaya Al-Maaroof Humanitarian Foundation provided cash sums to the most needy families in Hadramout, the number of which reached (43) families.

    This disbursement was made for families registered in the shelter program of Sanaaya  Al Maaroof Humanitarian Foundation, and within the (monthly guarantees) project, which benefits weak and destitute families in the local community in Hadhramaut Governorate (east of Yemen).

 This charitable project (monthly guarantees) is one of the projects that the Foundation is keen to implement annually, and it targets poor and destitute families, which are unable to meet their simplest daily needs, so this cash subsidy comes to fill a gap in their normal life.

Sanaaya  Al Maaroof Humanitarian Foundation offers this program (the shelter) within the protection sector, which represents one of the important sectors in which the Foundation operates, including the education, health, empowerment, and water sectors