-Mukalla / Sanaye Al-Maarouf Media

Sunday . 22 .11. 2020

Sanaye Al-Maarouf  foundation  organized A course in solving marital problems in Mukalla for the beneficiaries of the monthly sponsorship program which funded by Foundation

Silah Developmental foundation , Sunday . 22 .11. 2020

Beneficiaries of this course that Sanaye Al-Maarouf foundation  implemented, which is mandated to implement this program, according to the partnership agreement

Between the two institutions, there are 30 individuals of both gender, who are burdened by the conditions of the countries that suffer from difficult situations due to the war

. Raging  in the country since 2015, which has put many families the poverty line, which represents the worst conditions maybe Any individual meets in a society, whereby the individual becomes unable to provide for his daily needs  of his dependents.

The participants received from the trainer Najiba Habail, a set of knowledge about the family, its basic components, and the most prominent problems

It is encountered in the arena of daily life, how to confront these family problems, and the extent of their impact on children