The family of Saleh lived in extreme poverty. They had two sons, Hassan and Ali, who were young. Gathering clean drinking water was a major challenge for the family, as Hassan and Ali worked hard every day to carry water out from a distant well using primitive methods. The journey to fetch water required a long time and double effort, as they carried heavy buckets on their shoulders and walked over rugged paths to return water to their home, and this made them regularly miss school, which negatively affected their education. In cooperation with IHHNL , Sanaaya Almaaroof launched a drinking water well project in the Al-Rabsa area in Hodeidah Governorate, and more than 2,800 residents of the area will benefit from the project, along with Saleh’s family that has completely changed. The two young brothers had no longer have to take turns carrying water everyday, but they can now focus on their studies and attend regularly.
Clean water has also become easily available to all residents of the area, which has contributed to improving health conditions and reducing the spread of diseases.