Mukalla / Sanaaya Al Maaroof Media

Sunday / 7 February 2020

   Sensing people’s need for healthy nutrition, which has become difficult for many families to attain due to the rampant poverty in the world Community circles, which were caused by the war that raged since 2015 until today, Sanaaya Al Maaroof Humanitarian Foundation

In Hadramout, the distributed the  frozen chicken in the poor areas of the city of Mukalla in the coast of Hadramout on Thursday evening February 4, 2021.

   The distribution of chickens is part of the project (Be Their Help), which contributes to food security for families who live in poor areas and camps ,Displaced persons in the city of Mukalla, which is one of the projects implemented by the Foundation with funding from philanthropists, who are racing to support such projects Charity

   This is the first stage of the project, which will last throughout the year, where frozen chicken is distributed to families with income Limited, which will receive chicken every Thursday evening, in order to bring joy and happiness to these families who cannot buy chicken like all other families.