Al-Mukalla/ Media of Sanaaya Al-Maroof Humanitarian Foundation
Sunday /23. January . 2022 .With the beginning of 2022,
Sanaaya Al-Maroof Humanitarian Foundation began implementing its projects, and the first of these implemented projects is the monthly guarantees project, which is included in the shelter program, and it is one of the programs of the protection sector that includes a set of programs. The monthly guarantees project is one of the projects that continue throughout the year, targeting the neediest families in society, and science students studying in public and private universities, whose families cannot afford their education expenses. In this month, January of this year(30) families and students benefited from the sponsorship project. They were given the amount of the guarantee directly, as this guarantee will meet their daily needs during the month.
This project is one of the important projects that the Foundation is keen to implement every year, especially as it affects the weakest segment of society according to the capabilities available to it.