For the sixth week in a row ..  Under the slogan “be helping hand to them” SANAE’ ALM’ROUF HUMNITARIEN  FOUNDATION continues  to implement its project

(weekly  distribution of chicken meat to poor families )at Fwa / Shafei West Mukalla

Mukalla / Abu Bakr Omer.


SANAE’ ALM’ROUF HUMNITARIEN  FOUNDATION implemented  its project in the sixth consecutive week  to distribute chicken meat to poor and needy families at   ​​Fawa / al- Shafei- west of Mukalla city.


Mr. Ahmed Said Ghanem,(the foundation chairman)  said: “The Foundation  continues    to implement this project in view of the urgent need of the poor families for such projects to reduce the burden of the cost of buying chicken meat on Friday , in light of the insane increase in food prices in general, He said that the foundation is seeking to distribute 100 cartons a week to benefit about 1000 poor families, adding that the Foundation has targeted this Al-Shafa’i area , west of Mukalla.

  1. Ghanem stressed that the role and objective of the foundation for which was founded is to serve the poor and The insolvent to them. He also thanked the supporters and donors for their efforts.

For his part, the beneficiaries of the project expressed their satisfaction with such utilitarian projects sponsored by the Foundation to implement them, thanking the Foundation’s relentless efforts to serve them and touch their conditions.

Praising ALLAH to reward them with the best reward.

The total number of beneficiaries of the project this week reached (120 ) poor and needy families in the region.