Al-Mukalla/ Media of Sanayah  Al Maaroof Humanitarian Foundation

         Sanayah  Al Marouf Humanitarian Foundation inaugurated on Saturday,17. September .2022, the disbursement of cash aid to (118) orphans, for the second quarter of 2022 AD. This charitable project, which is implemented in the governorates of Hadhramaut, Aden, Sana’a, Al Mahwit, Ibb and Lahj, aims to take care of the segment of orphaned children, which are considered one of the weakest segments of society, most of whom have lost their breadwinner, depriving them of the most necessities of life in food, drink and clothing.

           This charitable project is one of the projects of Sanayah Al Maaroof Humanitarian Foundation, which falls within the protection sector, as it will provide them with a decent life like the rest of the children in society, and will work to protect them from homelessness and loss.