Sanaaya Al-Maroof Foundation media

Thursday / 23.9. 2021

Within the relief and humanitarian sector, Sanaaya Al Maroof Humanitarian Foundation in Hadhramaut provided a food basket to (65) displaced families in one of the camps of Al Shihr District, the second most densely populated city on the coast of Hadhramout, and one of the most famous cities of Hadramout in general.

  This basket, which was distributed on the morning of Wednesday, 22.9. 2021, was funded by Dutch Relief Agency, based in Amsterdam, which provides humanitarian and relief projects to the State of Yemen, which has been suffering from a raging war since 2015 and until today, causing poverty in local communities, which are fragile societies suffering from Poverty before the outbreak of this disaster, which international organizations described it  as the worst humanitarian crisis in the world, and according to the United Nations, 80 percent of the population, numbering about 30 million people, depended on support and aid. I

  n this context, Sanaaya Al-Maroof Humanitarian Foundation in Hadramout, in cooperation with partners, contributes to providing relief in the food sector, which represents one of the sectors affected by the war, leading to the inability of most of the Yemeni population to obtain their daily food needs, which led to Malnutrition is prevalent, especially among children.