Mukalla / Sanaaya Al-Maroof Foundation media


The families sponsored in the monthly guarantees project began to flock to the Sanaaya Al-Maroof Humanitarian Foundation to receive the monthly subsidies, for November 2021, which are spent within the shelter program, on Sunday morning, 21.November . 2021

From this project, which is funded by the Sanaaya Al-Maroof Humanitarian Foundation, covers  (44) weak families, and (3) students, who study in universities and public high schools, and whose families cannot provide them with their educational needs.

This charitable project is considered one of the cash projects offered by Sanaaya Al-Maroof Humanitarian Foundation, in which vulnerable families are targeted, and they do not have a permanent or temporary stable source of income, which makes them vulnerable to homelessness. The Foundation works through the program to provide cash to the families registered in it.