Al-Mukalla / Sanaye Al-Maarouf Media

Monday  23 .11.2020


In Mukalla city , the capital of Hadhramaut Governorate, Sanaye Al Maarouf Humanitarian Foundation disburses cash money  to the families benefiting from the (shelter) program that funded by the Foundation.

 (30) families benefit from this program, who have crossed the poverty line, and are in difficult circumstances due to the war conditions the country is going through For more than six years, and is still continuing, which exacerbated the lives of many families in the Republic of Yemen, which is on the verge of A major famine, which will affect vulnerable segments of society, at the forefront of which are women and children who suffer greatly from this situation

The foundation provides This program according to the capabilities available to it, which is considered one of the programs that are given great importance for It works to stabilize these families economically at a minimum. The Foundation’s efforts do not stop at providing monthly guarantees only, but rather seek to create Radical solutions to make families depend on themselves in providing them with stable sources of income, by providing sustainable projects in the field of Simple jobs, according to the capabilities and skills of these families, or the projects they can perform