Mukalla / Sanaaya Al-Maaroof Foundation


    Sanaaya Al-Maaroof Foundation began on 22.8.021 disbursing cash assistance to (40) poor families, and (8) students from poor families, studying in basic education schools, government secondary schools, and public universities.

     This disbursement comes within the project (monthly bail for families), which is implemented under the (shelter) program which funded by the Foundation, Targeting the poorest and needy families, who have become suffering from hardship, due to the difficult economic conditions, due to the ongoing war since 2015 and until today, which has worked to collapse the state’s economy and its local currency, causing the widening of poverty between Most segments of society, and many of them are unable to meet their nutritional and health needs.

       And the monthly bail project, one of the charitable projects the Foundation is keen to implement annually, which help the poor families, through the disbursement of cash assistance every month