Al-Mukalla / sanaaya  Al-Maroof Foundation media

 Sunday/ 24.10. 2021

 The chairman of sanaaya  Al-Maroof Humanitarian Foundation, Mr. Ahmed Saeed Ghanem, received in his office the delegation of the Sawa’id Al Khair Humanitarian Foundation in Aden Governorate, headed by the Foundation’s Executive Director, Dr. Ali Al-Dawil, on Sunday morning, 24.10. 2021. At the beginning of the meeting, Ghanem welcomed the delegation of Sawaed Al-Khair, who is visiting the city of Mukalla as part of a tour in which he learns about humanitarian and charitable work in the coast of Hadhramaut and  Hadramout in general, and Ghanem also presented the institution’s vision in the field of strategic projects that will be implemented in the coming years.

      For his part, Al-Dawil praised the good reception by the staff of the sanaaya  Al-Maroof Humanitarian Foundation in general, and its president in particular, reviewing the projects implemented by the Foundation in the governorate of Aden, and the neighboring governorates, praising the partnership with sanaaya  Al-Maroof, which resulted in the implementation of a number of projects in the field of food security. emergency, orphans, digging wells, sacrifices, and other humanitarian and charitable projects, hoping that this relationship will be strengthened between the two institutions, for the society in Hadramout and Aden.

     At the end of the visit, sanaaya  Al-Maroof Humanitarian Foundation was honored by Sawaed Al-Khair with a shield, in return for implementing a number of projects in Aden and neighboring governorates.  

  The meeting was attended by the Head of the Programs and Projects Department of the sanaaya  Al-Maroof Foundation, Muhammad Saleh Bathar, who gave a brief introduction to the future projects that the Foundation intends to implement during the next year in the humanitarian and relief aspect, in the various governorates of Yemen.